International Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering Conference

Dear Surface Scattering Scientists,

This is a first announcement of the next International Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering Conference, hosted by the ESRF and ILL on the EPN campus in Grenoble, France from 15th - 18th July 2024.The conference brings together researchers studying surfaces and interfaces in solids, liquids, biological, soft and hard condensed matter via neutron or X-ray (primarily using synchrotron sources) scattering techniques. Topics covered will include instrumentation, studies of nanostructured surfaces and interfaces, surfaces and interfaces in soft matter, biological interfaces, magnetic thin films and interfaces,magnetic proximity effects, topological materials, emergent interfacial materials, and dynamics at surfaces, interfaces, and nanostructures.

After the EBS upgrade of the ESRF and the Endurance upgrade at the ILL this will be a great occasion to discuss new possibilities in surface scattering techniques at large scale facilities around the world and reinforce scientific collaborations.

Please mark your calendars for the SXNS17!

Official website:

Best wishes,
The local organising committee:
Philipp Gutfreund – Thomas Saerbeck (ILL) 
Oleg Konovalov – Jakub Drnec - Maciej Jankowski (ESRF) 
Giovanna Fragneto  (ESS)


 Important Dates

Abstract submission opening:
Feb. 1, 2024

Registration opening:
Feb. 1, 2024

Guinier prize nomination opening:
Apr. 1, 2024

JAC special issue paper submission starts:
Apr. 15, 2024

Abstract submission deadline:
Apr. 30, 2024

SAS2030 proposal opening:
Jun. 1, 2024

Abstract acceptance notification:
Jun. 1, 2024

Close of Guinier prize nomination
Jun. 1, 2024

Early bird registration deadline:
Jul. 1, 2024

Registration deadline:
Oct. 1, 2024

Nov. 3-8, 2024

Close of JAC special issue paper submission:
Nov. 24, 2024

SAS2024 will start in