Invited Speakers

Ming-Daw TsaiTBA
Burn J. LinRealizing Lithography to 1/40-wavelength Resolution
Chung-Yuan MouTBA
Jochen S HubModeling X-ray and neutron scattering experiments with all-atom molecular simulations
Sabrina DischNanoscale Structure and Magnetism in Ferrite Nanoparticles
Hsin-Lung ChenMacromolecular Metallurgy of Block Copolymer
Masaaki SugiyamaBio-SAS for Next Generation - samples are in solution -
Marianne ImperorSelf-Assembly of Nanomaterials
Wei-Ren ChenInsights into Defective Lyotropic Phase Structures with Small Angle Scattering and Machine Learning
Oliver BunkSAS imaging of life and materials science samples: Scanning SAXS, tensor tomography and ptychographic imaging
Reidar LundAntimicrobial Peptides: Insights into Lipid Interactions, Assembly, and Mode of Action through Scattering Techniques
Structure evolution in processing procedureTadanori KogaUncovering the structure-dynamics-property relationship of reinforced rubbers
Kunpeng CuiStructure evolution of polymer film during uniaxial and biaxial stretching
Hiroyasu Masunaga BL03XU beamline for evaluating polymer materials in the industrial field
Integrated tools for industrial applications LiPiin SungApplications of Small-Angle Neutron Scattering in Engineered Materials for Resilient Infrastructure
Semra IdeNanoscopic Identification and Labeling for Commercialization Processes and Industrial Production of Nanotechnological Products
SAS applications in pharmaceuticalsChristian Gollwitzer Traceable characterization of biomedical nanoparticles using SAXS
Daniela  Uhrikova Exogenous Lung Surfactant as a Drug Delivery Vehicle Through the Optics of Scattering Techniques
Promotion of facility SAS to industryMitsuhiro ShibayamaSANS Research Activities and Industry-user Promotion at J-PARC MLF
Mau-Tsu TangTBA
Masaki TakataBuilding a New Range of Facility SAS Application. A Challenge of NanoTerasu Light Source via Industry/Academy Coalition
Burn J. LinRealizing Lithography to 1/40-wavelength Resolution
Chee-Wee LiuTBA
Wen-Li Wu A X-ray Scattering Based Metrology for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Jin WangCoherent Surface Scattering and Holographic Imaging in Grazing-Incidence and Reflective Geometry
R. Joseph KlineSmall Angle X-ray Scattering for the Semiconductor Industry
AI and machine learning in SASShun YuMachine-learning-assisted Analysis of Small Angle X-ray Scattering
Alexander  Hexemer Generating realistic scientific image data with stable diffusion and continuous human feedback
Arthi Jayaraman Computational methods for analyzing small angle scattering data from soft materials
Structural modeling and results presentationUri RavivStructures, Energetics, and Dynamics of Active Tubulin Self-Organization
Cy Jeffries The Small Angle Scattering Biological Data Bank - SASBDB
Jan Skov PedersenModelling small-angle X-ray scattering from protein-surfactant complexes: Rims and Hemi-micelles
SAS Database-application & standardsBrian Richard PauwChasing Perfection: a holistic approach to materials science scattering experiments
Rheo-SAS, structural evolution, gelationShan-hui Hsu Investigation of the gelation mechanism of self-healing chitosan hydrogel
Roland Kádár Flow-field – structure interaction across lengthscales from new RheoSAXS based experiments
Dynamics in multiple time scaleElizabeth KelleyTales of two tails: Insights into the hierarchical dynamics in lipid membranes from the molecular to the mesoscale
Peter FalusThe ILL Neutron Spin Echo Suite
Qingteng Zhang Small-angle XPCS at APS-U: A telescopic view of hierarchical structure dynamics in both space and time
Theyencheri NarayananAdvances in Synchrotron Scattering Methods for Probing the Out-of-Equilibrium Dynamics of Colloids
Kinetics in multiple time scaleNaomi GinsbergFollowing and controlling formation and function of self-assembled strongly-coupled nanocrystal superlattices
Bert NickelNonclassical nucleation pathways revealed by SAXS and WAXS
Hideki SetoHydration Water Dynamics in the Vicinity of Biomolecules and Biocompatible Molecules
Felix LehmkühlerReal-time Dynamics of Soft Matter by X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Organic/inorganic functional thin films - 1Peter Müller-Buschbaum In Situ and Operando Grazing-Incidence Scattering Studies on Organic-Inorganic Functional Thin Films for Solar Cells
Xinhui Lu Understanding the crystalline and amorphous morphology of organic solar cells using grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering techniques
Keisuke TajimaMolecular Orientation and Structure Controls from Film Surface for Organic Electronics
Organic/inorganic functional thin films - 2Kung-Hwa WeiTBA
Heinz AmenitschOptimizing Energy Materials with In Situ GISWAXS
Heterogeneous interface scattering and reflectivityNorifumi L. YamadaTemperature/Solvent Annealing Effect on Nanostructure of Ionomer Thin Films Revealed by Multi-Prove Experiments
Laura GuascoUnderstanding the role of hydrogen in the phase transitions of nickelate systems
Porous/biomimetic/hierarchical materialsRong-Ming HoNetwork Phases from Block Copolymer Self-Assembly for Biomimetic Materials
Taiyo YOSHIOKAThe Importance of SAXS Analysis for Microscopical Biomimetics in the Fabrication of Silk-based Sustainable Products
Yoshiharu NISHIYAMAThe nanostructure of plant biomass from anisotropic X-ray/neutron scattering
Condensed materials (nanoparticles, high-entropy alloys)Fan ZhangSmall Angle Scattering for Advanced Manufacturing
Ralph GillesInvestigations on commercial VDMÒ Alloy 780 high-temperature alloys for gas turbines using SANS and complementary methods
Imaging with SAS and coherent diffraction - 1Dorota KoziejX-ray imaging of the nanoparticle transformation in solution
Florian Edouard P. MeneauThree-dimensional Visualisation of Hierarchical Catalysts with Coherent X-ray Diffractive Imaging
Changyong SongSpace and time domain super-resolution coherent diffraction imaging with extreme lights
Imaging with SAS and coherent diffraction - 2Carla Cristina Polo3D coherent diffractive imaging opportunities for biosystem at ultra-low emittance source
Sylvio HaasSAXS/WAXS imaging opportunities in cultural heritage science
ColloidsJacob Judas Kain Kirkensgaard Aquaporin Z incorporation into proteoliposomes and complex lipid nano-assemblies
GelsDave J. AdamsUsing Small Angle Scattering to Understand Dipeptide-based Materials
Christine M. Papadakis From hydrogels to thin films: Highly tunable structures from block copolymers having weak polyelectrolytes as middle blocks
Mitsuhiro ShibayamaStructure and Dynamics of Thermoreversible Physical DNA Hydrogels
Self-assembly - 1Karen EdlerAmphiphile Self-Assembly in Deep Eutectic Solvents
Emiliano FratiniCastor Oil bio-based gels as solvent confining and VOCs/hydrocarbons sorbent media
Self-assembly - 2PIERO BAGLIONITBA
Kazuo SakuraiFormation of Monodisperse Poly (acrylic acid) Particles Made by Radical Precipitation Polymerization
Peter Beaucage TBA
Hierarchical structures of polymers and compositesMoon Jeong ParkScattering studies on morphologies with high packing frustration in block copolymers
Mikihito TakenakaASAXS Analyses on Hierarchical Structures of Rubber/Filler Systems
Eamor M. WooUtilization of 3D morhology dissection and synchrotron micro-beam X-ray diffraction on periodic assembly in polymeric crystals
Polymer physicsShiao-Wei KuoFrom Self-Assembly Structure to Meso/Microporous Structure by using SAXS analyses
Christopher M. Bates Accelerated discovery of block copolymer libraries using automated chromatography
Katsuhiro YamamotoNanostructure Formation and Mechanical Properties of Amphiphilic Random Copolymers in Aqueous Environments
Biopolymer and environmental application Stephan Volkher RothBiopolymer-based composites - nanostructure and functionality
SANS/USANS/GISANS methodologyAnna SokolovaBilby – and Australian time-of-flight Small Angle Neutron Scattering instrument: nearly decade in operation. Successes in both, soft and hard matter study
Satoshi KoizumiA Varierty of Neutron Detections for Industrial Use, Prepared on a Sample Table.
Sylvain PrévostThe reborn archetypal SANS instrument D11@ILL in Grenoble
SAXS/ASAXS/USAXS - 1Melissa GraewertSort & Scatter: Multifaceted Characterization of Nanoparticles and Proteins by Coupling Solution SAXS with Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF)
Andrew ClulowBioSAXS - The Future of Solution Scattering at the Australian Synchrotron
Thomas WeissRecent Developments for Automated Small-Angle Scattering at the BioSAXS Beam Line BL4-2 at SSRL
SAXS/ASAXS/USAXS - 2Nick TerrillThe Development of Biomaterials Research at I22
Naoto YagiSAXS/WAXD Beamline with Anton Paar SAXSpoint 5.0 at NanoTerasu
Jan IlavskyAdvancements, Opportunities, and Challenges in the New Generation of USAXS Instruments
SAXS/ASAXS/USAXS - 3Elliot GilbertAdvances in Sample Environments for Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Michael KotlarchykScattering From Hyperpolarized and Spin-Manipulated Molecular Solutions and Complex Fluids—Simulation, Theory, and Feasibility
Hyungju AhnTBA
Magnetic small-angle scatteringJohanna JochumMIEZE-SANS: Magnetic Dynamics in the SANS regime
Magnetism in quantum and spin materialsTaro NakajimaSmall-angle neutron diffraction, quasielastic and inelastic scatterings on topological magnetic orders
Grace L. CauserNear-Surface SANS: Probing Nanoscale Magnetic Correlations in Thin Films
Quantum materials & nanoparticlesByeongdu LeeSAXS Analysis of Colloidal Crystals Engineered with DNA
Satria Zulkarnaen BisriHyperordered Superlattices of Colloidal Quantum Dots for Future Electronics and Photonics: The Vital Role of Small-angle Scattering
Biomedical SASGregory L. HuraBiology - small differences with important consequences measured by high throughput X-ray scattering
Volker UrbanTBA
SAXS/SANS on multidomain structuresFrank Gabel Contrast variation in Bio-SAXS/SANS: recent advances and perspectives
Pau Bernado Novel Approaches for the Small-Angle Scattering Investigation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Huey W. HuangTwo Biomembrane Problems Solved by SAS
Mu-Ping NiehApplications of Small Angle Scattering in Structural and Kinetic Analyses of Lipid Nanoparticles
Mark D. Tully Microfluidic Time Resolved BIOSAXS AT THE ESRF
Javier PerezTBA
Structurally heterogeneous biomacromoleculesSusan TsutakawaChallenges For Protein Structure Prediction: Strained Geometry And Conformational Flexibility
Serdal KirmizialtinIntegrating SAXS and MD Simulations to Elucidate RNA Structural Dynamics
Michal HammelPredicting macromolecule structure and dynamics with deep learning and solution scattering
Integrative structural biology/hierarchical structure in natureShuji AkiyamaCross-scale Causality in the Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock System
Shan-De Danny Hsu Integrated use of SAXS/WAXS to uncover hidden structural and dynamic features in proteins
Clement E. BlanchetBioSAXS using free-electron lasers
Food sciencesJudith HoustonGluten versus gluten-free pasta: a structural analysis
Adrian RennieStructural properties of vegetable oil/water emulsions stabilized by pea protein
Xiangqiang ChuApplications of SANS with Contrast Variation in Biomedical Research: From Membrane Proteins to Drug Delivery
Michael KotlarchykScattered Reflections on the Achievements of an Enduring Scientific Mentor
Antonio FaraoneSuppression of segmental chain dynamics on particle’s surface in well-dispersed polymer nanocomposites
Yun LiuStudying concentrated colloidal systems by SAXS/SANS and NSE: from the static decoupling approximation to the dynamic decoupling approximation
Piero BaglioniHow Neutron and X-ray Scattering can Contribute to Art Conservation
Yang ZhangUnusual Dynamics of Tetrahedral Liquids Caused by the Competition between Dynamic and Structural Heterogeneity
Li LiuAdvancing Neutron Scattering to Explore Nano-scale Physics in Energy Systems
Emiliano FratiniNanostructure in Cement Based Materials
Sung-Ming ChoiTBA

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